Prudence’s latest addition to her men’s collection is dedicated to a young Frenchman born and educated in Australia, but now returned to Europe. Alexis Comte de Vienne inherited his title when still a boy following the premature death of his father Patrick de Vienne.
The family had for centuries embodied a naval and seafaring tradition being involved in the battle of Trafalgar and other historic naval engagements. Part of the family crest is reproduced on the elegant black flacon. Patrick had participated and won the historic yacht race from San Francisco to Tahiti before moving on to Australia where he bred horses.
The fragrance, an Eau de Toilette, has classic headnotes of Bergamot, Orange and Pamplemousse, Its elegant heart comprises Patchouli with a hint of Geranium. The aristocratic and classic finish contains Cedarwood, Musk, Vetiver and Mousse de chêne with a hint of Benjoin.

Bergamot , patchouli , vetiver
100 ml
Following her success with Augusto, prudence decides to amplify her range of men’s fragrance and designed a more complex Eau de Toilette for her male clientele.
The inspiration for the fragrance is her father Alexander who had a distinguish career as an officer in the Australian Navy, serving with distinction in the Arctic and Far Eastern theatres of action before settling in Subtropical Owens land to found an engineering business and home and garden which was the inspiration for so many of Prudence’s perfumes.
Thus spices permeate all aspects of the olfactory triangle leading in with a sequence of Cardamom, Armoise and Mint, before developing into a bouquet of Orange blossom spiced with Cinnamon and Cumin.
The final notes are a heady mixture of Santal wood and Cedar,tinged with powdered flavors of Vanilla, Amber and Tonka beans.

Mint , Lavender , cedarwood
100 ml
Having designed her original classic fragrance for women, Prudence, when invited in 2009 to exhibit at La Fragranze in Florence, decided the time was right to expand her collection to include a fragrance for men. She selected an Eau de Toilette as her medium choosing her Scottish husband’s name and family coat of arms to identify it.
Since it was her first men’s fragrance she wished to create something that was classic, but simple and fresh. Thus it was she chose headnotes of Citrus fruits combining with Bergamot, which develop into heart notes of Ginger and Jasmine.
For the final notes one is left with the substance of Musk and Amber lightened by the freshness of Lichen.

Bergamot , grapefruit , ginger
100 ml
Petr, a name in Russia that inspires many emotions and images: Petr Saint, Apostle and fisherman. Petr the Great Mighty Czar intelligent and industrious who masterminded Russia’s renaissance and the development and emergence of St Petersburg; Petr Tchaikowsky composer whose symphonic and ballet music entrance the world.
A name dear to Russians given to many of their sons. Prudence has dedicated her latest Eau de Toilette to such a man, a valued friend, a proud Russian who cherishes his country. The fragrance classic and masculine bears headnotes of Citrus fruits tinged with herbs and lavender. A combination of Juniper leaves, Angelica and Coriander meld with the crispness of Cinnamon before giving way to deep base notes of Musk, Patchouli, Cedar wood and Oak.
It is presented in an elegant artisanal bottle embellished with a heraldic device bearing two Italian greyhounds which her friend breeds with distinction.
A personal story, discreet but masculine, which will appeal to Renaissance man.

Bergamot , verbena , balsamic
100 ml
This is one of the most popular of Prudence’s collection. For men. The inspiration for it was born in Italy and it was launched at Exsence in Milan in 2011. Augusto of course was the name of the Roman Emperor who installed himself on the beautiful island of Capri, and Prudence who regularly visits has recently designed a small collection based on legend and flora from Capri.
More personally the name for the fragrance is dedicated to Marchese Mario Augusto di Prima, last in line of a noble Venetian family. Longtime friend, he gave Prudence permission to use his name and his coat of arms on her bottle.
Prudence’s composition is a filling tribute to his gesture. Classic headnotes of citron and bergamot give way to woody tones of Almond and Tonka beans. The final signature is a rich mixture of Patchouli, Musk and Vetiver.

Bergamot , vetiver , musk
100 ml
To celebrate 10 years after the inauguration of her men’s fragrances.
The latest addition to Prudence’s men’s collection is dedicated to a lifelong family friend, Miobor Stosic, whom she met whilst holidaying in Singapore in the 1970’s. Both had professions which took them to all parts of the globe and they met wherever their professional and travel plans permitted.
His country of Origin is Serbia. In the Serbian language Miobor means “Dear Pine”. It is no surprise that at the heart of this fragrances are Frangipane,Pine, cedar wood supported by masculine notes of benjoin & incense.

Cardamom , frangipani flower , cedarwood
100 ml