Prudence’s latest creation was inspired by a recent visit to the Middle East or Arabia as it was formerly known. It is a place where time and space are one. A void in which the winds play. An infinite purity remote from our world where shimmering mirages play on the horizon and dazzling white minarets are suspended in the sky. Where the sands ripple and sing the desert yields the source of perfume.
The headnotes of the Fragrance lead in with familiar tones of neroli, mandarin and jasmine before plunging into an intense mix of olibanum and frankincense. Peaches, honey and white musk sensualize the body of the eau de parfum before gradually giving way to amber, benjoin and oakmoss.
The resinous crystals of Frankincense, Olibanum and Galbanum have for thousands of years been cultivated and harvested from rugged desert terrain. Sought and fought for by the rulers of Assyrian, Roman as well as Middle Eastern empires and kingdoms.
This is an original and exciting fragrance of quality that augments Prudence’s collection.

95 ml
It is the summer solstice in St Petersburg that most elegant imperial city designed and developed by the Czars and emblematic to the Russian people.
In the west beyond the mouth of the Neva River and the Gulf of Finland, the sun slips blood red below the horizon. The sky is suffused with pink reflected in the tranquil waters. In the field of Mars and the Summer Gardens people are gathering to enjoy this natural phenomenon: the fountains Cascade in the gardens of the Peterhof Palace, their waters glinting in the twilight, domes, towers and columns are silhouetted everywhere. Canals and waterways linked by decorative bridges intersect the Neo-classical, Russian Revival and Baroque facades. The light fades but never disappears as pink becomes white, as the bridge in front of the Peter and Paul Fortress tilts open as if to herald the forth coming dawn; a moment in time, lightness, beauty and romance is everywhere.
To capture the spirit of this moment, Prudence has designed a fragrance that reflects this lightness; its name is “Nuits Blanches”; it is a distillation of discreet, langorous but sublime feminity...Divine white, a color that embraces everything.
The fragrance is composed mainly of white flowers, but is interlaced with several deep undertones. Headnotes are of aromatic Bergamot and tea developing into a complex mixed bouquet which includes the intensity of Tuberose. The early morning light is reflected by flavors of Jasmine subtly interlaced with centifolia Rose, both of which must be gathered at dawn in Southern France. Heart notes are completed with a hint orchid supplemented by the richness of Freesia. Sensuality finally invades the lightness and patchouli swirls in the atmosphere with musc. Powdered traces of Benjoin and Vanilla terminate the concerto and herald the dawn.
    Soirée blanches

100 ml
Prudence has collaborated with a multitude of French Artisans to produce speciality luxury editions which will eventually become collector's pieces.
             Hand blown bottles
Prudence works closely
with a number of French
artisans to underline
the quality of her niche
             Renowned glass blower
Alain Guillot is an
example, voted best
ouvrier in France
in 2004, he has hand
crafted a number of
bottles and dispensers
which Prudence presents
as special numbered
editions and are
regarded as collectors
items in ther own right.