The headnote
The first impressions are of its evaporating components which linger & develop for the first two hours. The lemon flowers of Mentol which are one of the emerging ingredients invigorating keynotes which underpin the development of the fragrance.
   The middle notes
This is the central dominating character at the heart of the fragrance. This lasts for some four hours after vaporisation.
   The base notes
These are those that remain for up to 24 hours. Its components are evanescent but none the less help assure the staying power of the fragrance.
          The bottles
Prudence has paid particular attention to the choice of bottles for her products. All made in France. They are the indispensable caskets of the liquid jewel and bring a touch of class to the dressing table.
   The Packaging
Prudence has chosen to work with a local Moulin for the packaging of her products. This artisan paper mill is situated in the Dordogne and produces hand crafted paper. This high class production is a favourite with many artists, printers and publicists.