Citrus , yland yland , benjoin

50 ml


Mandarin , orchid , rosewood

50 ml


Peony , magnolia , cedar

50 ml


Passion flower , rose , vetiver

50 ml

Cassis , rose , patchouli

50 ml

Green tea , oriental flower ,white musk

50 ml
Prudence & her husband have been visiting Capri since 1972; Her husband was lawyer and adviser to Giuseppe Arcucci whose ancestor built the Certosa.His wife Lucia was the driving force behind La Grotta Verde, a portside restaurant on Marina Grande beloved by locals & tourists alike. Giuseppe and his son Tony pioneered the beautiful restaurant La Fontelina at Faraglioni.Lucia was born in Via Vanassina not far from Villa Jovis & above the Monela District.
In 1962 Clarke Gable and Sophia Loren starred in the film “La Baia di Naples.” Most of the film was set on location in Capri alongside La Grotta Verde or near the Faraglioni where La Fontelina now stands. The Arcucci Family was tasked with feeding the stars and film crew, a job which they were well equipped to achieve. In the film Sophia Loren plays the part of a beautiful woman Lucia. She meets Clark Gable in a busy Neapolitan street where she is dressed up to personify Queen Serafina. They of course fall in love after Clark Gable follows her to Capri.
Fact and history are not far away from fiction. On 24th October 1621 a baby girl was born in Naples and baptized Prudenzia Pisa. She was a girl of exceptional character and talents. At the age14 she left Naples for Capri where she went to live in the Moneta district below Tiberius Palace,Villa Jovis.She was of a saintly disposition and seemingly possessed of miraculous powers.In 1678 she became a Carmelite nun and discarded the name Prudenzia for Serafina.As set out earlier, Lucia was born close to where Prudenzia lived on Capri.
It is for this reason that Prudence has chosen the names for her perfume collection. Each one has a base in history, legend or life on Capri.
In the words of the popular French song: “Capri n'est pas fini!”.